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Top F.A.Qs

You must have a valid driver's license, over the age of 18 and completed our online registration form on our website

We accept all types of individuals and through completing our online registration process, we know a lot about you to match your profile perfectly to prospective advertisers.

If the application and removal are carried out by our team of professionals the risk of damage is negligible. We provide insurance cover to ensure that there is no cost to you in the unlikely event of your vehicle having any resultant damage.

Your information is used by the advertisers to determine their selection by assessing if your lifestyle and driving habits correspond to their campaign objectives,. Your privacy is respected and you will have access to your data whenever you want to modify, update or cancel it.

If you are selected by a brand, we will first give you the opportunity to confirm your participation on the campaign. Once you agree to participate, your agreement begins from the day your vehicle is applicated and you are required to adhere to the agreement until it expires. You may cancel your membership after your campaign has been completed. Alternatively you may choose to remain in our database and be selected by another advertiser to earn more cash!

Usually not, but it is advisable to check this with your warranty provider first.

No, you cannot see through the car wrap. In certain campaigns certain car colours are required to match the creative. We therefore we need all colours of cars on our database.

No, we won't cover the front window and will try to avoid the front side windows.

Painted plastic bumpers aren’t a problem. Vinyl application on fibre-glass or chrome bumpers is not recommended as it’s not guaranteed to adhere for the duration of the wrap’s lifespan.

Every month of an active campaigns you will be required to complete certain social media tasks, submit current pictures of your vehicle, your verification code, the odometer reading, and answer some questions. You will then be paid according to the terms agreed to, by means of an EFT into your bank account. Additional incentives may be payable on some campaigns for participation of certain activation type activities.

Depending on the design and the surface being applied, it can take anything from 30 minutes to 8 hours. Our specialists will make an appointment with you, at your convenience.

No, but because you will be a brand ambassador we expect that you drive safely and respectfully and represent the brand accordingly.